Manufacturing Companies See Real Value with Shale POWER

May – June 2022

The Shale POWER initiative provides technical assistance and business support to small and medium manufacturers and enterprises seeking to expand business, production and jobs in the burgeoning shale gas and downstream manufacturing sectors in the coal-impacted, Appalachian region. Since 2019, the partner organizations that support the Shale POWER project have offered the following activities:


Mini-grants                                                       60 Mini-grant funded Projects

Conferences and Tours                                      4 Conferences and 12 Tours

Workshops and Training                                    19 Workshops and Trainings

Resources                                                         Website with events, data, recordings

Visibility for manufacturers                               96 Directory Listings


More than 250 manufacturing companies, located within the 35 counties of the Shale POWER footprint, have engaged with one or more of these activities or had a direct consultation/communication about opportunities.

Benefits for Engaged Manufacturers

The primary goal of the Shale POWER program is to make connections for manufacturing companies, provide education and improvement projects that lead to more sales within the energy supply chain. Each company and project path has its own timeline to success. Twenty of these companies recently reported the following impacts from their participation with Shale POWER:


50% of respondents said work with Shale POWER led to new business opportunities with Identifying Growth Opportunities and Continuous Improvement/Cost Reduction Strategies as the top outcomes


75% saw quantifiable benefits from the Shale POWER engagements with New Leads, Cost Savings, Increased Sales and Retained Jobs as the most reported benefits


45% have increased their investment in their companies including: products, equipment, software, workforce

It is expected that positive impacts will continue to be reported as companies progress on their Shale POWER journey.

How Can a Manufacturer See Benefits?

The first step is to make contact with the Shale POWER program. Visit or contact Shale POWER Project Manager, Tom Reed, at (412) 918-4269.

The upcoming Appalachian Energy Innovation Collaborative conference on June 15-16 is an excellent way to make an initial connection with Shale POWER or continue to engage. Learn more at

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