Manufacturing Innovation on Full Display at AEIC

May – June 2022

Innovation and technology are key drivers in the manufacturing and energy industries.  These two industries intersect at the upcoming Appalachian Energy Innovation Collaborative being hosted June 16th at the Hilton Garden Inn/Southpointe. After a competitive process, six companies have been selected to have their technologies highlighted at the conference.

There are many solutions still to be developed and the conference will have energy experts discuss the current and future needs of the industry. Whether it is adapting current technologies, or developing new ones, the energy industry is looking for partners to help continue to innovate and advance the energy needs of Appalachia.

There are still a few exhibitor tables available.  If you have a product or idea that you want to highlight, reach out to the Shale POWER team for more information or to discuss your offering.

Learn more about the technologies to be highlighted at the conference:


Electric Failsafe Valve Operator

A zero emissions electric failsafe valve operator that opens and closes valves in various applications for wells, pipelines, compressor stations, and storage applications.

Matthew Theil, President, AUMA Actuators

Video Analytics Platform for Automated Monitoring of Oil & Gas Facilities Using AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered video analytics to help oil & gas companies to reduce operational/maintenance costs and improve environmental performance.

Adam Wynne, Director Innovation Accelerator, Azena

Thief Hatch Access Safety System (T.H.A.S.S.)

The T.H.A.S.S. remote tank hatch opening system ensures worker safety by eliminating the worker from a potential hazardous condition when opening the hatch. The gas detection system also notifies workers of when an unsafe condition no longer exists.

Doug Boyce, Senior Advisor, Conspec Controls

Zero-CO2 Hydrogen and Decarbonization of Natural Gas

An innovative, electrically-powered process that uses natural gas as a feedstock and delivers two product streams: zero-CO2 hydrogen and a high-value carbon or petrochemical product.

George Skoptsov, CEO, H Quest Vangaurd, Inc.

Trenchless Curved Silt Fence

An innovative “curved” design redirects hydrostatic force for at least 380% more tipping stability than a super silt fence.

Beth Powell, President, New Pig Energy

Chameleon Solution

A proven process that uses naturally occurring bacteria, fungi, and algae species found in the soil that is then added to the ground to break down hazardous substances, toxic chemicals, pollutants, crude oil, and other substances.

Randall Stremmel, President, PMET

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