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March 2021

The Supplier Directory is a free online resource where manufacturers can develop an in-depth company listing to highlight their capabilities to the Shale Energy Industry. The listing only takes a few minutes to submit your information to the Shale POWER team. Our team reviews your listing and will make any suggestions for improvement. The listing can be updated to reflect new products or services at any time.

Our energy partners played a critical role in the development of the directory. They helped to review and update the category listings, value proposition statements and company information that is key in their decision-making process to add new vendors. The Shale POWER team continues to work closely with our energy partners to make refinements to the directory to improve its functionality and impact.

The Shale POWER team continues to promote the directory through several avenues. We routinely are invited to present to the various oil and gas trade groups across the Appalachian Basin. We have also partnered with several online groups to promote the project and directory. These groups reach the top operators across the shale energy value stream within the Appalachian Basin, and beyond. 

We are ready and available to help you create your directory listing to maximize its effectiveness. You can reach us at [email protected].

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