Shale POWER Entry Points

September – October 2021

The Shale POWER initiative provides technical assistance and support to manufacturing companies seeking to work in the energy supply chain. Shale POWER is run by a collection of regional economic development and educational organizations who are working together to offer services and resources to manufacturers. This assistance helps companies enter or expand business, production and jobs in the burgeoning shale gas production, mid-stream processing, and downstream petrochemical sectors. To date, more than 800 businesses have engaged with Shale POWER.

Shale POWER has many opportunities for businesses to make a connection with energy industry. Many of these entry points below require little commitment of a company’s time or finances to participate:


Shale POWER Directory – This database allows companies to create a listing that highlights their capabilities and key information. It is actively promoted to energy supply chain decision makers who are looking to procure products and services. Learn more and register at:


Training and Webinars – Shale POWER provides training and webinars that include: energy sector overviews and current trends in the industry, guidance from experts and other manufacturers on how to engage with the energy supply chain, and business strategy to help a company be more competitive and successful in expanding sales. Our Fuel for Thought series provides webinars that are no longer than 30 minutes and videos are available of past episodes at:


Tours and Conferences – Sector field tours and trips (both in person and virtual) are offered to go beyond the classroom and bring manufacturers into direct contact with the gas production, midstream processing, and downstream manufacturing hubs of activity in the region. Shale POWER participates in regional conferences and we often invite companies that engage in our initiative to join us on discussion panels or networking.


One-on-One Consultation – Energy consultants are available to talk with manufacturers and help refine their business plan and identify unique opportunities for their business.


Technical Assistance – Shale POWER provides in depth technical assistance to help a manufacturing company make company improvements or grow business. Reimbursement grants are available for eligible companies to cover up to 50% of project costs.


Get Connected – Information about Shale POWER services and opportunities are available at The site provides the latest information about the industry and Shale POWER activities. You can get connected by visiting:

I am the Project Manager for Shale POWER. Contact me or one of the Shale POWER partners about one of the above entry points or any questions that you may have.

Tom Reed, Shale POWER Project Manager
[email protected]
(412) 918-4269

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