Our Team

Matt Henderson

Matthew W. Henderson brings with him nearly two decades of business development experience, including over 14 years of engagement within the energy sector, with a strong focus on the unconventional shale industry throughout the tri-state Appalachian basin. During this time, Matt has worked closely with exploration and production, midstream, transmission and supply chain contractors, along with federal, state and local government officials, economic development agencies, universities and even foreign governments to maximize and seize their opportunities within the unconventional shale sector.

Matt has delivered hundreds of presentations to elected officials, landowners, royalty owners, industry trade groups and government agencies, educating them on the process, risks, opportunities and intricacies of unconventional shale development. As part of the education process, he has organized and led numerous tours to view and learn about the development process within the Appalachian Basin. Matt has also worked closely with the international community looking to understand the numerous facets of the shale development process and the interaction with the local communities.

This work has focused on developing strategies to engage the many stakeholders who would be impacted by development around and within their communities. Additionally, for several years Matt has planned, coordinated and executed all aspects of high-profile conferences with attendance from multiple states focused on emerging policies and trends within the energy development and utilization sector. Responsibilities included soliciting financial sponsors; planning agendas; securing high-profile speakers; publicizing the event; preparing promotional materials; identifying and securing logistics and handling all operational components of the event. He is also a sought-after presenter in his own right, with a strong focus on effective stakeholder engagement.

Matt develops marketing and business strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on shale development in the United States and international markets. He works with small to medium-sized business as well as Fortune 500 companies looking to understand their value proposition and entry point to all sectors of the industry.

Matt lives in Mill Creek Township with his wife and children and is a lifelong resident of Lycoming County, in the heart of the Marcellus Shale development.

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