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The Shale POWER program offers numerous resources to help companies learn about the energy industry and identify strategies and opportunities to work in the supply chain. Industry experts are available to host events that share information about the regional players in the energy industry. They also provide a one-on-one look at how a company might be most successfully involved in the energy supply chain, including recommendations for next steps on that journey. If recommendations include technical assistance, such as business development, operations, human resources, or technology, Shale POWER has a mini-grant program that can reimburse up to half of the costs for an eligible project.

Shale POWER Directory

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Industry Overview

The Shale Industry is a dynamic one – now entering its second decade of development. When the late 2000’s shale boom began in the Appalachian Basin, there was an inverted supply and demand curve based on today’s needs. Operators (drillers) were moving into an area that already hosted some historical conventional oil and gas development, but did not have the infrastructure, workforce, or expertise in place. Many businesses expanded or new ones started to address these needs. 

Phases of Development

There are three phases of development related to the shale industry: upstream (drilling), midstream (pipeline) and downstream (utilization). Explore shale supply chain development.

Access to supply chain contacts and Shale POWER partners who can assist you

Industry information and resources that detail the path to new energy opportunities

The latest news and events about the shale industry

Technical Assistance with grant funding of up to $5,000