Alanna Colvin, Associate Director of PennTap

The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) at Penn State is a statewide technical assistance organization charged with supporting Pennsylvania businesses and anchor institutions — including manufacturers, municipalities, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, farmers, and economic development agencies. Their statewide network of expert technical advisors focuses on helping PA businesses through three primary areas of service: Energy and operational assessments, energy grants and rebates, and university engagement.

PennTAP provides low to no-cost energy and operational assessments that are designed to help PA companies conserve energy and reduce waste in their facilities, lowering energy-related costs, increasing profits, and decreasing overall environmental impact. Their team of highly skilled and certified technical advisors not only assesses existing energy systems, but also explores opportunities for equipment upgrades and quantifies those opportunities into financial terms.

PennTAP is well versed in identifying and securing state and federal funding opportunities to help offset the cost of capital improvements.

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