Fuel for Thought

Fuel for Thought: Connecting Shale Development to Opportunities in the Downstream Chemical Industry

by Abby Foster – February 3, 2022

Abby Foster, the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council (PCIC), highlights the connection between shale energy development and the role that chemicals play in the ongoing battle against the global pandemic. She illustrates how companies continue to innovate and advocate for the responsible use of chemicals and some newer technologies being employed to provide solutions. As society pressures and government regulations move towards a low carbon and circular economy, there are still hurdles to overcome and Abby provides an understanding of these opportunities for future development.

Abby Foster is the President of the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council and the Director of Public Affairs for the Bravo Group. In her roles, Abby works with lawmakers and regulators to improve the business climate and allow companies to succeed. PCIC works closely with the American Chemistry Council and counterparts in neighboring states to bring more opportunities for the region. Ms. Foster is passionate about educating the public on the critical role chemicals and chemistry play in every aspect of modern life and the importance of sound, science-based regulation across the chemical life cycle.

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