Fuel for Thought

Fuel for Thought: Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Opportunities

by Bob Schrecengost and Lynn Brickett – June 17, 2021

Shale POWER’s Fuel for Thought presentation has Bob Schrecengost and Lynn Brickett, with the US Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, discussing the hydrogen and carbon capture markets and supply chain opportunities for manufacturers. Hydrogen is an energy dense fuel that has a lower emission profile than other contemporary fuels. Carbon capture and utilization is being used as a way to enhance oil recovery and projects are also under way to store CO2 underground versus traditional disposal options.

While these markets have tremendous environmental and economic opportunities, there is not a lot of readily available information. We were pleased to bring two of the leading authorities on these subjects to our series. These experts explained the hydrogen economy and the carbon capture and storage value chain. Be sure to watch this informative video to learn about upcoming opportunities in these emerging markets.

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