Industry Assessment

Experts Focused on Your Success

The Shale POWER project has contracted with experts in the energy industry who have worked with the key players in the tri-state region’s Marcellus and Utica Shale supply chain. These experts will provide one-on-one consultation to manufacturers and testing laboratories to provide an industry assessment with a plan and assistance for success in the energy market. The goal of an industry assessment is to inform a company of potential opportunities in the energy supply chain and provide customized next steps to achieve business goals. Each assessment is customized to the company and their goals, but most will consist of the following steps:


Assess the company to identify assistance needed


Qualify the interest and ability of a company to engage in the energy industry


Educate on opportunities for the company’s growth or new markets through personal communications, training, tours, and other Shale POWER tools


Determine if a company would benefit from a technical assistance project and whether they are eligible for a mini-grant


Assist company to complete a mini-grant application


Support each company through technical assistance and supply chain activities during the Shale POWER project and beyond

Industry Assessment Form

I am interested in:

Access to supply chain contacts and Shale POWER partners who can assist you

Industry information and resources that detail the path to new energy opportunities

The latest news and events about the shale industry

Technical Assistance with grant funding of up to $10,000