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Pinnacle Precision Co., Inc.
37 Allegheny Square, Glassport, PA 15045

Pinnacle produces custom manufactured component parts and equipment which are not readily available as off the shelf products.  Using CNC or conventional machine tools, we can accommodate your single part component or an automated industrial system.  Our customers receive 100% satisfaction with our primary focus on Quality.  Our attention to detail and our no-nonsense approach to business is why we’ve been around for over 20 years, with 30+ years experience.  Our Quality Management System insures the integrity of our craftsmanship from beginning to end.  Following strict business principles we are a reliable, competent and helpful source of supply.  With our quality acceptance rating over 99% we maintain strict quality and traceability requirements, as well as a proactive approach to resolving issues.  Pinnacle provides product for many industries such as; Oil and Gas, Mining, Aviation, Turbine, Automotive/Transportation and Naval.  Being a well versed shop, we recognize that our customers deserve timely, quality service at a competitive price and we constantly strive to reach that objective.  As a company, we will continue to upgrade our education and equipment to meet the upcoming demands of our customers.  We believe this to be a sound business practice today, tomorrow and years to come.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Jenn Zilka

Business Description

Pinnacle provides parts and services from print to build custom projects on a variety of materials for complex chemical manufacturing processes and surface prep operations, which are used in the military, medical and other fields of manufacturing. With our extensive knowledge of machining exotic metals, we are able to provide Titanium Blanks, Hubs, Rails, Molybdenum Spacers, Anode Floating Contacts, Copper Cathode, Fluid Spindle, Heat Exchange, Rocketdyne Tube, Shaft Sleeve, Gears and more.

Pressure vessels are used in a wide range of industries, including mining, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, railroads, aerospace, chemical plants and more, basically any industry that requires a seamless pressure vessel designed to hold gas or liquids. Pinnacle provides products furnished to manufacturers for Steel and Carbon composite vessels suitable for storage of all gases. Our products comply with DOT, ISO and ASME specifications furnished by our customers. Products for storing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), such as; Inlet/Outlet Flask Plugs (straight and angled), Inerting Caps, Valve Protector Caps, Cylinder End Boss, Vent Pipe, Mounting Flanges, Locking Collars, Radial Seal Glands, Trunnions and Hydro Test Fittings, are also supplied to our customers with the increased supply of natural gas derived from Shale Deposits. Some of the materials manufactured range from Low Carbon to High Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless and Monel. CNG is efficient and economical to be used in place of diesel or gasoline and we are proud to be a part of this team. We also supply indirectly to the US Navy, in accordance with specifications prepared by a division of the US Government. Strict confidentiality is required and is practiced throughout the whole job process.

We provide crucial parts used in manufacturing of steel pipeline projects, along with useful parts used in Geo-technical/Environmental drilling. Trunnion Caps, Clamp Bar, Slide Block, Support Plate, Linear Guide Shaft, Bushings, Shafts, Threaded Adapters, Spoons, Sledge, Punch, Spear Extractor and Drilling Tubes, to name a few, Steel line pipe for critical pipeline projects encourages increased drilling of midstream pipelines in smaller diameters.

Core products we manufacture are engineered to our customers precise specifications and have an end use in centrifugal and axial compressors, power recovery expanders, steam turbines and related auxiliary equipment such as lubrication, sealing and fueling systems. Bearing Housing Adapters, Check Valves, Hydro Testing Flange, Chock Block, Impeller Cap, Thrust Collar Key, Sliding Hammer, Casing Bracket, Flanges, Receptacle Adapters, Latch Castings, Guide Rods and Sleeves, to name a few, are all manufactured to exact drawing specifications, with inspection reports and material certifications if requested.

Your Value Proposition

Pinnacle is a small shop local to the Pittsburgh area, which gives us a nice range for same day delivery on products. We can allow for last minute changes you may pose, before hitting production. Since each job is given expert review, we are able to take the time to contact you if we see any imperfections with a drawing or design. Personal attention that’s not usually offered with a larger corporation. One of the biggest cost savers is our stock program. We are able to “overrun” your product, stock at our facility and have it readily available, as an on demand item. There is no extra charge for this and locks your cost in for that run of material. How’s that for a small business.

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