Technical Assistance Grants

Support When You Need It

The Shale POWER program offers grant funds to eligible companies who engage in technical assistance projects that will help them enter or expand in the energy supply chain. The Shale POWER mini-grants require an application and approval by a review committee. 

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Funding Availability

Businesses may apply for a grant for up to 50% of the total technical assistance project cost up to $5,000. Awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Mini-grant dollars may be used to support direct, project-related consulting costs, contracted services, and other costs related to the implementation of technical assistance costs.

Program Eligibility

Applicants requesting mini-grant assistance through this program must meet all of the criteria listed below to be eligible for funding consideration:


Be a privately held small to medium-sized manufacturer located within 12 eligible counties of southwestern Pennsylvania. (Small or medium-sized manufacturers are defined as those having less than 500 employees per location, and registered in D&B with a NAICS code beginning with 31-33 or a testing laboratory, with NAICS code 541380.)


Have a clearly defined and ready improvement project which aligns with the recommendations resulting from the technical assessment and assistance process.


Provide at least a 50% match to total project cost. Applicants must be able to cover the total project costs until grant reimbursement is issued. Grant reimbursement requires an invoice accompanied by proof of payment documentation equivalent to the total project costs including match. Vendor invoices with corresponding cancelled checks documenting payment are required for reimbursement.


Complete implementation with company payment of the total project costs by December 31, 2025.


Participate in post-award surveying (currently an annual MEP Client Questionnaire) to collect information on project status, economic impacts, and other information as requested.

The following are examples of the types of projects which are not eligible for grant funding:


Projects which are solely focused on training, instead of project implementation.


Purchase of equipment (items with a value > $5,000 and a useful life of longer than one year).


Purchase of marketing/advertising and/or relocation services.

Training Programs

SMMs looking to engage, expand or explore working with the shale industry sector will be able to attend in person

This program is the foundation for manufacturers interested in becoming suppliers to the shale energy sector. You will gain a superior understanding of the dynamics and trends of the midstream sector of the industry, a breakdown of the supply tiers, industry challenges and opportunities for local  manufacturers, as well as supplier requirements. Discussions will also include marketing tactics and networking opportunities.

Programs will be held across the project area with project partners. Discussion will be led by industry experts with local relevant information to help manufacturers understand potential local opportunities, industry players, entry points, expectations to engage the industry, and the current state of the industry.

Tours & Trips

There are four different types of tours. Some of these tours may be combined; for example, a producing site and a midstream site may be visited in the same tour. 

Please note in-person tours and training will be done virtually until further notice. Project team members are working closely with companies to develop safe, in-person tours that provide the safety and compliance with all state, local and federal safety guidelines.

Producing Sites

This tour will feature a completed and producing well site of natural gas pad and pipeline infrastructure within the tri-state region. Experts from the sites could include measurement technicians, well tenders, production engineers, or other related professional company personnel. Tour facilitators will provide an overview of the operation, equipment being utilized, long-term and short-term maintenance needs; they will also identify current bottlenecks in the production or operation of these facilities. When possible, information on products and infrastructure observed during the tour will be provided to help participants identify potential opportunities to engage the industry.

Processing Facilities

This tour will focus on the treatment, separation, and transportation of the value-added natural gas stream. Participants will be led on a tour of a medium- to large-scale processing facility within the Appalachian region.


Participants will visit and tour a downstream facility that is within the Appalachian region. These facilities could include current manufacturers who have already engaged the industry, high users of natural gas or natural gas products, plastics or chemical producers, natural gas power plants, or other related facilities.

Field Trip

Field trip to a historical downstream petrochemical facility within North America. Destinations include the Gulf Coast or Sarnia, Ontario. Trip will include meetings with local host trade organization, as well as community, industry, and legislative leaders.

Trip will include visits to:

  • local petrochemical infrastructure, including an overview of facilities and meetings with plant operators, technicians, and company personnel. 
  • local manufacturing businesses that directly support the construction and maintenance of the petrochemical facilities.
  • local plastics suppliers and producers.

One-on-One Consulting

Eligible companies can receive limited consulting with industry experts to help them identify potential opportunities that fit with their company’s goals. Further in-depth consulting to develop a marketing plan is possible through the submission and receipt of a mini grant.


The Shale POWER partners will participate in multiple events across the Appalachian Basin. Participation will include educating attendees about the project, exhibiting and highlighting SMMs, and presenting actionable information to industry leaders.

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