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American Energy Fab (AE Fab)
141 Sunset Avenue, ​Wellsburg, WV 26070
American Energy Fabrications is a source for metal, aluminum, and non-metal fabrication and materials. With our 56 years of experience, we can manage building most anything that can fit out our door. AE Fab specializes in custom and build-to-print fabrication, while our geographic location allows us the ability to produce quality goods at a lesser price.
EA Fab
Oakdale, PA
Engineering & manufacturing company. We can provide Design engineering, project management & equipment design solutions. We verify that all designs meet not only fabrication standards but also the objectives of our customers. We have capabilities to perform detailed Finite Element Analysis, motion analysis, gas & fluid simulation & optic scanning to develop a point cloud for equipment fit verification.

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Precision Tool
400 Wheeling St. Morgantown, WV 26501

In 1959, Charles Cyphert Sr. and his brother Glenn started Charter Engineering, which served as an underground mining equipment rebuild shop. In 1972, Charles, along with his sons, transformed Charter Engineering into Progressive Industries. Progressive Industries, a 52,000 square foot facility, specialized in rebuilding underground mining equipment. We have since diversified our business. In 2015 Precision Tool was added to meet all of your manufacturing and machining needs. Precision Tool’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by Smithers Quality Assessments.

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Progressive Industries
18 Monongahela Ave. Westover, WV 26501

Progressive Industries, a 52,000 sq ft facility specializes in rebuilding underground mobile mining equipment, gas and oil industry related fabrication, and general large scale fabrication.

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Warwood Tool
164 North 19th St. Wheeling, WV 26003

From coal mining tools that helped fuel the Industrial Revolution to railroad and other tools used to build the US transportation infrastructure, to our famous entrenching mattock used extensively in World Wars I and II for digging fox holes and trenches, Warwood Tool has been trusted by generations of hard-working Americans. In fact, American soldiers have relied on our Warwood Tool products in every war since the Civil War. As a testament to our rich history,

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Take a Tour of a Manufactured Product

AUMA Actuators, Inc.
100 Southpointe Boulevard, Canonsburg, PA 15317-9559

Electric Failsafe Valve Operator: A zero emissions electric failsafe valve operator that opens and closes valves in various applications for wells, pipelines, compressor stations, and storage applications.

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2555 Smallman Street Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Video Analytics Platform for Automated Monitoring of Oil and Gas Facilities Using AI: AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered video analytics to help oil & gas companies to reduce operational/maintenance costs and improve environmental performance.

Conspec Controls
6 Guttman Boulevard, Charleroi, PA 15022-1015

Thief Hatch Access Safety System – T.H.A.S.S.: The T.H.A.S.S. remote tank hatch opening system ensures worker safety by eliminating the worker from a potential hazardous condition when opening the hatch. The gas detection system also notifies workers of when an unsafe condition no longer exists.

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H Quest Vanguard, Inc.
1444 N Euclid Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206-1112

Zero-CO2 Hydrogen and Decarbonization of Natural Gas: An innovative, electrically-powered process that uses natural gas as a feedstock and delivers two product streams: zero-CO2 hydrogen and a high-value carbon or petrochemical product.

New Pig Energy
3716 W 2nd Avenue, West Mayfield, PA 15010

Trenchless Curved Silt Fence: An innovative “curved” design redirects hydrostatic force for at least 380% more tipping stability than a super silt fence.

Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology, Inc.
700 Fifth Avenue, New Brighton, PA 15066-1837

Chameleon Solution: A proven process that uses naturally occurring bacteria, fungi, and algae species found in the soil that is then added to the ground to break down hazardous substances, toxic chemicals, pollutants, crude oil, and other substances.

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