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AUMA Actuators, Inc.
100 southpointe blvd, Canonsburg, PA 15317

AUMA has been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Energy sector, water industry, petro-chemical industry and users from the most diverse industries worldwide rely on technologically sophisticated  products by AUMA.

AUMA electric actuators are capable of operating all types of quarter-turn valves (butterfly, ball and plug) and multi-turn valves (gate, globe, sluice gate and pinch). AUMA actuators are also widely used to operate dampers (louver, guillotine and diverter). Actuators can be furnished for both open/close and modulating service. Integral motor controls and control accessories are available to interface with a wide variety of plant control systems.

AUMA Actuators, Inc. is headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA. AUMA’s Quality System is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. A complete network of sales and service support is available throughout North America. Regional offices are located in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Gulf Coast and West Coast. Representatives and distributors are located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.



In process technology plants, liquids, gases, vapors, and granulate need to pass through pipelines. Industrial valves are used to inhibit or release medium flow as well as to control the resulting flow rate by opening or closing the valves. AUMA actuators are remotely controlled from the control room to operate valves.

  • Multi-Turn Actuators
    Electric multi-turn actuators by AUMA are used e.g. for the automation of gate valves or globe valves. They are the most versatile products within the AUMA family.Part-turn Actuators
    Electric part-turn actuators by AUMA are used where an automatic, electrically operated movement at a swing angle of less than 360 ° has to be implemented as it is the case for valves like butterfly and ball valves.

    Linear Actuators
    To perform linear movements, e. g. in case of globe valves, the multi-turn actuator SA … can be combined with the linear thrust unit LE, forming an electric linear actuator. In case a lever arrangement has to be operated, the linear thrust unit can be mounted on a base.

    Multi-turn Gearboxes
    Multi-turn gearboxes can be formed by combining multi-turn actuators SA … with AUMA spur and bevel gearboxes to increase the torque or to reposition the output shaft. The gearboxes can of course also be used on manually operated valves.

    Product selection in favor of actuators with integral controls saves time-consuming project planning, installation, and additional documentation which is required when selecting external controls.

    Communications Systems
    Parallel control, field bus, or both for reasons of redundancy? When opting for field bus, which protocol to use? Irrespective of your decision on the interface, AUMA actuators can be equipped with the suitable interface to match all systems established within process control engineering.

For information, please contact:

AUMA Employee

Business Description

Our quarter turn, part turn, and gearboxes all cater to chemical manufacturing. Please reach out for further details.

Our quarter turn, part turn, and gearboxes all cater to CNG & LNG. Please reach out for further details.

Our quarter turn, part turn, and gearboxes all cater to drilling equipment products. Please reach out for further details.

Our quarter turn, part turn, and gearboxes all cater to engine, turbine, and combustion equipment. Please reach out for further details.

Your Value Proposition

The total cost of ownership of electric valve actuators is far less than pneumatic, gas, or hydraulic valve actuators which require extensive maintenance and upkeep.

Electric valve actuators can control valves precisely and accurately allowing for processes to be optimized.

We have a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility in South Western Pennsylvania. Our products are manufactured within hours of where they will be used. Out of this facility we also operate both inhouse and field service as well as valve automation. This allows us to service the customer base in real time.

We help company’s achieve emission reduction goals that are being put in place by the Federal gov’t. Our electric valve actuators do not run off or emit gases such as other valve actuator technologies.

Our products can be used to help company’s achieve emission reduction goals, by simply replacing existing technologies with our electric valve actuator.

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