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Remote Intelligence
2780 Hills Creek Road, Wellsboro, PA 16901

Remote Intelligence provides Unmanned Aerial Drone and Rover Services to a variety of clients; from Industrial Mapping and Ecosystem Services, to Search and Rescue, to Pipeline Security, we provide sales and consulting services for all markets. We work extensively with Energy clients to help provide them with faster, safer, better… data for all their project needs.

For information, please contact:

Phil Benner

Business Description

Our company provides high resolution mapping, contour lines, 3D point clouds, and modeling services for project planning, as builds and close-outs. By working with our partners we provide a highly secure portal system for managers and planners to stay on top of all their projects and have historical data to back up all stages of production. We also are actively testing drone based methane leak detection and analysis to help the industry deal with ongoing demands for tighter operations. We also provide standard RGB or thermal photography and videos to our clients.

Keeping track of assets in the field can be a key component of any project. We help track progress of drilling projects and where physical assets are located.

The ability to verify and prove the use of erosion and sediment control products can be key when dealing with permitting and close out of projects. Our mapping and portal system gives geo-referenced real world data to back up claims of use.

Your Value Proposition

Drone services are often much quicker and safer than standard boots on the ground inspection. This is a tool to help inspectors cover more area quickly and be better informed when they need to give attention in a traditional manner to any specific site.

By using our services, project planners, inspectors, regulators or workers are able to have better access to high quality data that greatly improves their ability to do work. The portal services we offer give the ability for an entire team to work on a project with the same information even if their working on different sides of the world. We also offer near zero-latency video streaming services from data sources to get key decision makers “eyes on” data from anywhere they have internet access.

With the ability to offer quicker and often much more up to date data, supply chain can be much more reliably timed. Whether keeping track of actual daily process on a project or doing site inspection for quantities of materials, decision makers know where the project “really” is at.

Especially in the area of Methane Emissions we have absolute certainty that regulatory compliance in this area will be growing. We are actively working on testing and verifying the validity of drone based laser and sniffer Methane detection for the industry.

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